picture of pastor
Pastor Sooyoun (“Soo”) Kim has felt called to walk with God and convey His love to others. She finds joy in bringing people to Christ. Her most recent pastoral position was at First United Methodist Church in Chatham, MA. Through loving and serving, Pastor Soo wholeheartedly believes in providing a safe place to those who are vulnerable and oppressed in our society and environment. Love, dedication, compassion, sympathy, humility, servanthood, passion, honesty, transformation, creativity and trust are among her highly valued practices in ministry.

“In our faith journey,” Pastor Soo states, “your own God-stories, your personal relationship with God, your God-experiences, these are the things that tell who God is to you. Sharing and acknowledging your story builds faith. It gives us a strong root that will hold us into the ground of faith.”

Pastor Soo lives with her husband and three daughters. She and her husband arrived in the United States from Korea in 2010. They both obtained their M.Div. degrees from Boston University School of Theology.

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